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Welcome to Raising Califorina where you will be taken behind the scenes to peek at the lives of a Southern California family. You will have access to never before seen footage and exclusive interviews that will give you insight on what it is like to be a kid in California!


Who Are We Anyway?

WE ARE: Vegetarians, Secular but Inclusive Home Schoolers, Green, Conscientious, Organic, Creative, Peaceful, Compassionate, Spiritual, Indigo/Crystal Children, Holistic, Independent Thinkers...WE LOVE: Music, ANIMALS, the EARTH, Science, Art, NATURE, our family & friends... WE LIKE TO: Take nature walks, go to the park, hike in the mountains, go to the beach, meditate, make wishes on stars, play in the rain, garden organically, do Yoga, celebrate diversity, climb trees...WE LIVE in the greater metropolitan area of Los Angeles; more specifically, the community of Santa Monica. Our pen names are: L.A. Mama & Daddio; Tennessee & California. Tennessee is TEN and was born in Nashville, TN. California is FOUR and was born in Burbank, CA. L.A. Mama is eternally young. No one knows her age. She was born in Missouri but fits in better in California :) Daddio is from Illinois and Missouri...he says he is 45 because he always rounds up to the nearest 5th. L.A. Mama got the idea for the title of this blog from the movie "Raising Arizona". It is a comedy about a free spirited couple who kidnaps a baby and attempt to be "good" parents. Nick Cage and Holly Hunter played the "adoptive" parents in the movie. It is cute.