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No More Toxic Toys

We have all heard about the millions and millions of toys that have been recalled this year. Lead based paint, the Date Rape Drug laced beads, choking hazards, tiny magnets embedded within toys and faulty design have injured, sickened or killed many kids in the United States and Austrailia. Have you ever wondered why these toys did not affect children in Canda and Europe? It is because they have strict laws to protect children and the well being of all of their citizens...laws that protect their citizens not laws that feed corporate greed like ours do. The state of California has sued 20 toy manufacturers in an effort to bring about some type of punishment and reform for toy companies that put profits over the lives of children. Has your state stood up to these corporations? Does the federal government care about our children enough to tell these corporations that are liable and will be held liable to the fullest extent of the law? Are the candidates for President in 2008 making this a high priority? No.

Until our country puts our children first, we must take matters into our own hands. Boycott EVERY toy company that manufactures toys in China indefinitely. Toys that are made in the USA are difficult to find...maybe that will change soon. There are many fine toys made in Europe that are safe for our kids. You can bet that anything that comes from Europe has been manufactured using the highest safety standards.

Here is a list of sites that offer SAFE toys for our children. I will move this list to the sidebar in a few days for quick access.


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