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Compassion: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Yesterday, as I was clearing the dishes from the breakfast table, I spotted Tennessee cutting the plastic rings that are attached to 6 -packs...so I snapped this picture to educate others about the importance of teaching compassion to children. No child is too young to be taught compassion. Do you know why it is compasstionate to cut these plastic rings? It is because ducks, turtles, fish, birds and many other animals become entangled in these which causes injury, death and/or a life filled with misery.

I began teaching Tennessee to do this when he was a baby. Each time I did it, I explained why it was important to be doing this. As he grew into a toddler and was able to use scissors on his own, I handed the plastic rings to him and allowed him to cut the rings himself. This contiuned throughout his life. I was so very proud to see him doing this yesterday! At the age of 8, cutting plastic rings to protect the animals is second nature to him. He did not have to be told or reminded to do so and he acted upon is own instincts without a second thought. He didn't even get to drink the soda that came with the plastic rings...his actions were selfless and compassionate.

We learn compassion at our house through various methods. We mostly try to be conscientious of the needs and plight of others. People, animals, the Earth...compassion should be equally balanced between all things. I will post more on how our family strives for compassion in the future.

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