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Happy 2008!

Tennessee and California started out this New Year's Eve by making their own 2008 signs while contemplating their New Year's Resolutions. They used markers, glitter and their imaginations to create one of a kind works of art to welcome the new year.

We had cake. Vanilla cake with vanilla icing and CANDLES! We all made wishes on the numbers of the year...2008. Then we blew out the candles to send our wishes to the Universe to manifest.

As we ate our New Year's cake, we went around the table and stated our New Year's Resolutions...

Tennessee stated: "I resolve to be greener and to protect the environment and its animals more. I also resolve to finish my book to make money for our family."

California said "More milk!"

Then I put a pot of black eyed peas on to soak to eat on New Year's Day for good luck. It is a southern tradition that was passed down in my family. They were from Arkansas and Tennessee, but my grandparents moved north to Missouri to find work.

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