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Our Aerogarden

We received an Aerogarden for Christmas and set it up to start growing herbs on December 20, 2007. It is so easy to set up, that an 8.5 year old can do it without any help. The Aerogarden came with seed pods for herbs so we "planted" these and awaited the arrival of something green. We had sprouts within 3 - 5 days! Other seeds sprouted a bit later...Cilantro was definitely a late bloomer but we can't wait to taste him :)



DAY 1 (Close Up)


DAY 12

DAY 20

DAY 24

DAY 28

Aerogardens don't take any dirt and you don't have to keep track of watering the plants or feeding them nutrients. A red light comes on to tell you when to add water and nutrients. The nutrients are in the form of a pill. It looks just like a vitamin and all you do is drop it into the water reservoir. The entire system is run on a timer so that the lights come on when they are supposed to and go off when they are supposed to. The garden comes with gourmet herbs but you can order so many different seed pods like:

Cascading Petunias
Cherry Tomatoes
Salad Greens
Chilli Peppers
Mini Rose Garden
French Herbs
Snow Peas
Green Beans

Click on the Aerogarden below to buy one for yourself!

We plan to buy more seed kits. I would like to grow salad greens, tomatoes, petunias, wildflowers, strawberries and peppers. Stay tuned for more blogs about our Aerogarden :)

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OsmoJoe said...

Wow...very cool! It looks like it really does work! Are the herbs good for eating?