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Our Homeschool Classroom Extreme Makeover

As I mentioned in our "Who Are We Anway??" section and previous blogs, we homeschool. For the past couple of months, we have been transforming the "classroom" into a wonderful place for learning and imagination. The classroom is located on the third floor of our condo, in the loft.

Here is a pic of Califiornia climbing the spiral staircase that leads to the loft/classroom...he LOVES to make a game out of it and usually giggles all the way up. He also has a great time counting each stair step.

L.A. Mama was inspired to decorate the classroom by this piece of art by Gustav Klimt:

L.A. Mama collaborated with Daddio to create a multi-dimensional mural in the classroom for California's nook. Daddio painted the walls in a peaceful shade of light blue, then drew a tree similar to our inspiration art. L.A. Mama painted some leaves, a squirrel and a heart in the tree and decoupaged beautiful Audobon drawings of birds and nests within the tree. Here are some pics of what we have done so far...this is a work in progress:

Here is a pic of the sun that L.A. Mama painted:

In addition to the tree and sky, Daddio painted rolling hills of green. This isn't just green paint though, it is chalkboard paint. California loves to draw circles, write A's, J's, P's, U's, E's, 4's and 10's all over the wall! L.A. Mama has plans to paint a beautiful rainbow and flowers in the near future. (More pics will be posted when the project is finished)

Here is a pic of Tennessee "doing school". He is in the process of writing a newspaper article about the Boston Tea Party. We have plans to decorate his side of the classroom with his original art and a solar system constructed by him.

Last, but not least is a pic of the rugs that were bought especially for the classroom. They are made entirely of recycled plastic soda bottles and were made through the use of fair trade practices. They are great for kids because they are so easy to clean...PERFECT for painting and doing crafts!


Kadi Prescott said...

I love it! I love the idea of turning a home into a homage to beauty and art. It makes being a SAHM so much easier on the eyes and mentality! I wish I could make my husband, (aka: Mr. "Paint Everything Beige") realize the reason for my hatred of plain beige walls.
Kudos on your inspirational classroom!~Kadi

TZT said...

What a wonderful, inspired room for learning/playing! Love the chalkboard paint. When we were looking for a house, I remember one where the family had dry-erase board halfway up all of the walls in one of the children's rooms. I'm also in awe of that recycled rug.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Looking forward t reading more of you!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Beautiful room! I just love the tree and what you did with the space you have. We are in Rainy Western WA but we are all CA bred. Both our parents are still down there...

Have a great day!