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Living with the Flu

Daddio was first. Last Monday, he began to have a sore throat, lots of sinus pressure, sneezing, congestion, runny nose, coughing, lightheadedness, diarrhea...the list goes on. Then on Wednesday, L.A. Mama and California came down with the same symptoms. We thought that Tennessee was in the clear until he woke up on Friday morning with the same thing. We are all still fighting it, especially California since he aquired a new lung infection due to the flu. I would also like to point out that both Tennessee and California have had their flu shots. So much for that.

The shelves of Rite Aid are filled with medications and remedies for the flu...but product testing confirmed that NONE of them worked to ease our misery. The only things that proved to be useful and/or provided some relief were:



and LOTS of THIS:


Steph said...

Hi there I am new to your blog! Sorry to hear everyone is under the weather, we are trying our best not to get it but literally everyone we know is coming down with it so I am not sure we will escape, good luck hope everyone gets well soon.

L.A. Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by Steph. We can't wait for Spring (even though it is 70 and sunny here as usual)! Maybe all of this flu stuff will subside soon.