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The Sky is Falling! (Updated)

I was going to blog about something delicious for Valentine's Day, but then I read the NEWS. After learning that not only, is a 5,000 ton satellite equipped with nuclear material and powered by rocket fuel out of control and headed straight for Earth, but the Pentagon plans to shoot it down with a long range missile. Something about all of this makes me feel uneasy. Maybe it is because NASA, the National Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Defense, the State Department and several other governmental agencies are refusing to say where this satellite will hit, if it does hit the Earth.

According to the vice chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, the "window of opportunity" for such a shootdown, presumably to be launched from a Navy ship, will open in the next three or four days and last for seven or eight days. He did not say whether the Pentagon has decided on an exact launch date.

Hopefully, we will be told more information so that us Earthlings can prepare for impact.

*UPDATE 2/15/2008:
Date of impact or "uncontrolled re-entry" as they call it is on or around March 6, 2008. There is still no word of where the satellite will fall.

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