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The Souls of Boys

I have started another blog called "The Souls of Boys".

Boys are BIG Souls in Little Bodies...
Nurture the souls of boys with non-violent, non-toxic, soul-centered resources, activities, toys, books and media.

It seems as though society continues to become more violent as each year passes. Unfortunately, the majority of violent offenders are men and boys. We need to nurture our boys and protect them from the violent toys and marketing that they are constantly bombarded with even as toddlers. They need "back to the basics", natural toys to ground them and keep them balanced. They deserve more than what society dishes out to them. They deserve to be recognized as BIG souls in little bodies.

As a mom of two boys, I pay close attention to the types of toys that they are exposed to. It is common knowledge in the fields of Child Psychology, Education & Neurology, that playing video games rewires the connections within the brain that control emotion and cognitive processes. Unless a video game teaches specific skills, concepts or has educational value, then they are harming our boys. I have never allowed violent television programs or toys within our home. I feel that there is plenty of time for my boys to discover these types of things as they grow into young adults. Their time as children should be as innocent and peaceful as possible.

Humanity is at a crossroads. We need to stop raising boys to fight and start raising boys to communicate in peaceful and compassionate ways. The activities, books & toys that I select for this blog helps to preserve the innocence of boys while allowing them to be boys. Please take a look at the ideas I have shared and the activities, toys & books that I have selected and envision a more peaceful, compassionate world. Be a part of that vision by choosing these types of activities and toys for your boys.

Go to www.TheSoulsofBoys.blogspot.com or click HERE to go straight there!

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