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How to be a California Beauty

So with all of the bans around here...styrofoam, plastic bags and wood burning fireplaces, I was starting to get a little depressed from all of the negative energy. So here is some positive energy to liven things up a bit!

I have been meaning to post my beauty tips since I met a girl at the park who just moved to L.A. from Oregon. She said to me "I thought you were like all the others. Just another pretty mom, someone who wouldn't want to talk to me, but you're not. You are so cool. Every woman in L.A. is beautiful...have you noticed that? I want to be beautiful too...what is your secret?"

I told her that I didn't notice that there were so many beautiful women in L.A. I see people on a soul level so in my opinion there are many attractive people, but they don't seem attractive to me unless their soul speaks to me.

Here are my secrets. They range from soul to physical...my secrets can be applied to women and men. We can all be beautiful.

Secret #1 Confidence. Know yourself inside and out. Be YOU. Men/single daddies out there look for women who are confident and secure. They are the most beautiful. The same can be said for women...we love confident men/daddies.

Secret #2 Dont' worry about what other people think of you. As long as you stay true to yourself - you will shine. The people who don't like you aren't worth your time and engery. Move on with life and live free and true to your own vibrations and energy.

Secret #3 Be tolerant, compassionate and openminded.

Secret # 4 Throw away all of your judgements and prejudices.

Secret #5 Meditate

Secret #6 Have fun!!! Be the life of the party. Smile often. Be affectionate. (Everyone who enters my home gets a kiss and a hug at the door as they arrive and when they leave whether they want one or not. No one has refused yet.)

Secret #7 Live like tomorrow may never come. This doesn't mean to be self-indulgent, it means to live your life with purpose.

Secret # 8 Go with the flow. Stop trying to control everything in your life and just let your life happen. If you are living life with purpose, your life will naturally go into the direction of your dreams.

Secret #9 Eat lots of fruits and vegis. Cut out meat or better yet, be a vegetarian like me :)

Secret #10 Exercise at least three times a week. Yoga and Pilates is what I do...

Secret #11 If you can afford it, eat organic only.

Secret #12 Go out and experience Nature...(on good air quality days LOL)

Secret #13 Be as old as you feel. Don't get stuck on age related stereotypes...if you feel like you are 24 when you are 32, then you are 24.

Secret #14...only women care about this but the products I use to cleanse and care for my skin are by a company called "MyChelle".

Secret #15 Keep yourself put together...and I am really addressing moms here. The one thing that I have never done or never will do, is go out in public in sweats. I am always put together even when I go to the park...no I don't wear my usual 4 inch heals that I wear out and about - but a nice pair of jeans, a nice shirt and 3 inch heals that can be kicked off in a second to catch my child before he runs into the street is always on my menu.

Secret #16 Invest in a nice perfume/cologne. Smelling good is important...it opens the senses of those around you and creates a pleasing aromatic atmosphere. I wear either Chanel, Love Intention or Euphoria everyday even if I don't leave the house!

I'm done for now (there will be more later...this will be a series) but I want to remind everyone why the Beach Boys said "I wish they all could be California girls"...that is because they thought we were the best and...I think they were right! Anyone can be a California beauty if they follow my beauty tips :)


prelude619 said...

I can live with almost everything on this list but I cannot live without meat! Due to the fact that I'm on a weight gaining diet I need (and I love!) my meat protein! But I love your list. Very inspiring!

L.A. Mama said...

OK # 9 is optional for guys, but I think most women could do well with eating more fruits and vegis and less meat. Thanks for being inspired!

prelude619 said...

although......I do eat a lot of vegies!! :)

cltgrace said...

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GraceFULL blessing to you & yours~



Anonymous said...

I'm inviting you to party with me!

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Happy Partying!

Anonymous said...

Great list! We're a green-living and organic family too!

L.A. Mama said...

Right on Babyrific! Heading over to your place right now!

Take Care and thanks for stopping by!