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Appetite for Destruction

This happens in less than two seconds :(

We have one less wine glass now. No...I wasn't taking pictures when he picked up the wine glass and threw it to the floor! This was taken the next day to show how easy it is for a two year old to use drawer pulls as a ladder.

I assure you that he went to time out after this picture was taken...and it was time out WITHOUT his blue blanket.


prelude619 said...

nice! That's a trip to the Childrens ER waiting to happen! God only know's I've been there one times too many! and it's not fun to wait for HOURS! just to be seen!

L.A. Mama said...

Oh...we know about the ER with his lung infections. He has been there and hospitalized three times.

He thinks he is Curious George...seriously. He even makes monkey noises.

Neen said...

Terrifying. And I'm sure that's after you've said "no" a hundred times. My almost-two-year-old doesn't know the meaning of the word.