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California's New Cell Phone Law Begins July 1st

After July 1st, 2008, it will be illegal for anyone to hold a cellphone to their ear and talk while driving. This is good news! I personally only use my cell in emergency situations. If I need to use it at all, I pull into a parking lot or off onto the side of the road. From now on, those who insist on holding their cell phones to their ear, will be ticketed. Say good bye to this girl to the right :)

(not me...I only use mine while I am parked somewhere)

The law states that Californians will still be able to talk and drive but only with a hands free device. Here are the rest of dos and don'ts comprised within this piece of legislation:

* everyone 18+ is prohibited from holding a phone while driving (except when dialing a number and receiving a call)

* 16 or 17 year olds are only permitted to use a phone at all while driving is for emergencies only.

* the first offense is $20

* subsequent offenses are $50 a piece

* the final cost for these tix after court costs are added in are $76 and $190 respectively

You would think that text messaging while driving is illegal as well, right? Wrong! It is illegal for 16 and 17 year olds, but not for those 18 and older. If texting causes you to make bad driving decisions, you'll get a ticket for that...

Cell phone tickets won't go against a person's driving record either and their insurance premiums won't increase.

Click HERE to read a full article about this new cell phone law...and go out and buy an ear piece:)