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Tornadoes Touchdown in Southern California

First of all, I feel like I need to explain that the only time it usually rains in Southern California is in the winter...between the months of November and February. We hardly ever get thunderstorms but it does happen occasionally. Well today...and remember it is almost JUNE, we had tornadoes, hail, heavy rain, flooding and mudslides. I witnessed my day go from sunny to dark, followed by lightening, thunder and heavy rain.

I thought all we had to worry about were earthquakes and wildfires! Put your seatbelts on everyone,it looks like times are a changin'. Take a look at these pics taken today (from the L.A. Daily News and L.A. Times):

The tornadoes flipped a 30 car freight train and a semi-truck...if you want to see video of these tornadoes click HERE. Please remember that we don't get tornadoes here...this is strange weather for us.

Happy Global Warming everyone :)

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