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Back to the Future

After being inspired by the movie "Back to the Future" and a book called "The Time Traveler's Journal", Tennessee decided to create his own time machine. See the pictures and notes below to learn how you can make a time machine for yourself...

You will need the following items (don't be afraid to use your own creativity):

1 Medium or Large cardboard box
1 roll of blue painter's tape
1 roll of clear packing tape
1 extra large scotch tape dispenser (without the tape)
any old calculator
1 lint roller (optional)
1 cordless phone or cell phone
3 cube world blocks (or if you don't have those, substitute with a laptop)
1 battery charger
4 rechargeable batteries
1 large flashlight
1 cat (optional)

The picture below shows Tennessee next to the "time panel". The calculator is used to set the date and time. Simply type in the date of your choice and put your seatbelt on. The phone is used to set the amount of years needed to travel. The lint roller tests to check if the air is suitable for breathing.

The picture to the right is of the thumbprint recognition panel. This ensures that the time machine remains secure. The sign says "Danger! Radioactive Explosives." This is used keep intruders out.

Below is a picture of the secret to time travel: a flux capacitor which can also seen in the movie "Back to the Future". Other secrets to time travel include warp drives (a theoretical phenomenon), tesseracts (as noted in "A Wrinkle in Time), going faster than speed of light and finally, worm holes as theorized by Stephen Hawking. Yours doesn't have to look like this...be creative!

The flashlight shown in the picture to the right moves the time machine around. It's not just a time travel device, it is also a travel device.

The small keypad shown in the picture below moves the angle of the flashlight which moves the machine around. The handle of the flashlight sticks out through the whole thing. It sends power to the flux capacitor and to the other end of the flashlight (which moves the time machine around). The cubes inside of the time machine are the information and enrichment blocks and are composed of three monitors. One is to download music, one is hold information about the animals and other natural things in the environment and one contains food order technology in case you get hungry.

This picture shows the time machine with a cat (and lunch) as a test pilot. Warning!!! Do not use yourself to test.

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