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Can You Hear Me NOW?

As mentioned in a previous POST, the state of California has made it ILLEGAL to drive while holding a cell phone to your ear (you can text though...but that is a whole different story). So, why do I CONTINUE to see so many of you STILL holding your phones up to your head? Don't you know that will land you a $50 fine and quite possibly, a BRAIN TUMOR???

Maybe some of you don't know about the options that are out there to facilitate a hands free existence...well - you are IN LUCK because I have some information that will assist you in your journey. Kristen, from Motorola, hooked me up with some incredible BLUETOOTH devices to try out on my trip to Missouri to visit family. We have tried the H680 Bluetooth Headset and the T305 - Bluetooth Car Kit. Both of these devices are so easy to use! The headset is very comfortable and crystal clear. The car kit device is very compact and easy to use. I just keep it on my visor and it works like a charm.

Motorola has put together an extremely thorough informational website that explains the new cellphone law in California as well as for other states. The website also features many Motorola Bluetooth devices that can help you facilitate a HANDS FREE call. Click HERE to learn more.

After doing a smidgen of research, I came across some information that seems to suggest that using the speaker set is probably the safest option of all the bluetooth devices (see the links below for more information). PLEASE only allow a child to use a cellphone or Bluetooth during emergency situations.

Read these links to learn more about cell phones and cancer:

New York Times - June 2008

American Cancer Society

ABC News - July 2008

Cell Phone Use by Pregnant Mothers Tied to Childhood Behavior Problems

Dr. Mercola

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