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Target Goes Green!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Target to pick up some necessary items for an upcoming trip. I also needed diapers and cleaning products, so my quick shopping trip turned into somewhat of a shopping spree (doesn't this happen to everyone who shops at Target???). Here is a list of some of the GREEN GOODIES that I discovered:

These diapers are just heavenly! They are just as absorbent as regular diapers without using chemicals and they are made completely of corn. YES...you read that correctly - CORN! A Swedish mother invented these diapers as an evironmentally friendly solution to disposable diapers. They are the only 100% biodegradable diapers on the market. AND GUESS WHAT!!!! They are cheaper than Huggies. Being green no longer means paying more. Nature Babycare Diapers are $9.54 whereas Huggies were $9.99. Click HERE to learn more about these diapers and the fabulous Mom who had a dream and made it come true. Click HERE to see a list of other green/non-toxic diapers.

There were THREE choices for cleaning products that were completely safe for the environment AND non toxic.
1. Method
2. Mrs. Meyers (which I adore and usually buy at Whole Foods. Cleaning with these products is fun because you get an aromatherpy session as you clean. I love the Lavender All Purpose Cleaner and the Baby Blossom Laundry Detergent)
3. J.R. Watkins
I bought two bottles of J.R. Watkins to try out since I had already tried the other two brands. They perform amazingly well and have been around since 1886.

I was also able to pick up some sippy cups by a brand named Munchkin that were BPA free! Click HERE and HERE and HERE to educate yourself about the dangers of BPA. Please consider writing to your legislature to ban BPA in the United States. Canada has banned BPA - read the news article HERE. Believe it or not, Wal-Mart has banned BPA in their stores...read about it HERE!

Last, but not least. I found this shirt at Target. I love the message it sends and the beautiful leafy design. I wish it were organic though. Manufacturing a shirt that says "Go Green" with pesticide ridden cotton and chemical additives is like manufacturing a Hummer with the message "Save Gas" printed on side. After careful deliberation, I bought the shirt anyway because you have to start somewhere. Buying a shirt that says "Go Green" from Target as well as the other above green products sends a message about what consumers think is important!

I will be writing the manufacturers of this cute little tank top a letter and sending them a link to this blog. Check back for their reply.

1 comment:

bird said...

I'm going to have to look in to those diapers! For baby #2 I'm going to use gdiapers which are a cloth/disposable hybrid. They're much more environmentally friendly in the sense that you can compost them, flush them or even throw them away and they'll decompose in 50 days.
Anyway, I thought I'd share my other diaper option with you.