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When Pigs Fly?

This phrase is usually used to accentuate the unlikelihood of the occurrence of a certain event. For instance, if someone told you that you would some day eat a pig/ham/bacon/pork that also had the ability to lay eggs so you could get your breakfast from one source, you would say, "HA! When pigs fly. That will never happen." Guess again.

The FDA just announced that they are taking steps towards allowing genetically modified animals to be sold for human consumption. Genetic modification is different from animal cloning,(which the FDA has already approved for human consumption)in that it involves the injection and manipulation of genetic material from other sources. These other sources could include animals from other species, plants and who knows what else. The tragic part of this story is that the FDA won't require for these dinner table animals to be labeled! So, you'll never know what you are eating(I will because I am a vegetarian and I buy GMO free produce and products)or serving to your children. How do you feel about this?

Nature set things up a certain way for a reason. There must be a good reason why pigs don't mate with birds, fish don't mate with strawberries and cows don't mate with algae. Looks like the FDA has the best interests of the biotech corporations at heart instead of our health and well being.

Don't like what they're selling ya? Please write a letter to your legislature. Demand for this type of interference with nature to stop. If that doesn't work demand for these franken - animals to be labeled so at least you can be an informed consumer!

Check out these links to educate yourself and to TAKE ACTION:

Friends of the Earth
True Food Network
Sustainable Table
Union of Concerned Scientists

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