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L.A. Mama's Date Night

We went to dinner at La Bruscetta in Westwood located at 1621 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles CA. They have scrumptious food as well as an "old world" work ethic. The staff treat each customer with diginity and respect and make an effort to go the extra mile. The owners, Angelo and Suzanne, are the most authentic people that one would ever have the pleasure of meeting. They have a way of making each and every customer feel like family. Bruschetta is served as a complimentary appetizer and it is the best! Call 310-477-1052 to make a reservation!

After dinner we went to the Crest Theatre to see a movie called "The Informers". Click HERE to read about the history of this theatre which dates back to 1941 and HERE to read about the turmoil has surrounded this theatre lately.

I wish I could say that I could give the movie that we saw four stars...but I can't even give it one. "The Informers" could have been a great movie if there was an ending...unfortunately, we were left wondering what happened to every single character in the movie. There was no closure whatsoever. This movie was originally a book that was written by the same author who wrote "Less Than Zero" and "American Paycho"...

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