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What is your "walk score"?

Are you planning to move any time soon? If you live in a large metropolitan area like Los Angeles, you should consider the walkability of your future neighborhood. Why?

1. Less time sitting in traffic & searching for a parking space, more time to live life to the fullest. Choose a neighborhood that has a few restaurants, a grocery store, a coffee shop and a convenience store within walking distance. My neighborhood (Santa Monica 90404) is so walkable that I have all those things and more, including TWO vets, a liquor store, a pharmacy, two major hospitals, two parks, an elementary school...

2. It is better for the environment. Living in a walkable neighborhood cuts down on gasoline consuption, emissions and all of that icky stuff that is bad for the Earth. Remember to carry reusable shopping bags with you...

3. You get to know your neighborhood. This is very important. A neighborhood that has residents who are aware of their surroundings and observant of daily activity has less crime. Getting to know your neighborhood also instills a sense of belonging, which is a necessary component for ultimate happiness.

4. Exercise! Need I say more?

Click HERE to get your walk score.

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