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Welcome to Raising Califorina where you will be taken behind the scenes to peek at the lives of a Southern California family. You will have access to never before seen footage and exclusive interviews that will give you insight on what it is like to be a kid in California!


Our Edible Garden

By growing an edible garden, Tennessee and California are learning how to be sustainable in a consumer-based society. My hope is to one day have a garden large enough that will yield fruits and vegetables to share with the poor and disadvantaged. Right now, we only have enough to share with the birds and squirrels...they love us for it though.

Tomatoes (picked off the vine this morning by California)

Grapes (Cabernet)

Blueberries (pic taken in the Spring...notice the hummingbird)

Everything in our garden is 100% organic. Edible gardens lower the carbon footprint of food and provides an interconnectedness within the community by uniting family, friends and neighbors around a common cause. Be a part of a common cause! Grow an edible garden in your yard, on your deck/patio/balcony.

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