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Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

California turned FOUR yesterday, so we had a party for him at our house. When we received the gifts that we had ordered from Amazon.com, we noticed that we had TONS and TONS of paper that had been used as packaging. There was literally so much paper that I could not see the living room floor (see pic below).

We decided to use this paper as gift wrapping instead of buying wrapping paper that is made from newly chopped down trees. It is very difficult to find recycled wrapping paper, but why buy it when you can recycle your own! We wrapped his gifts, then we all added our own personal art as decorations (see pic below).

Other eco-friendly party ideas that we included were:

Using California's previous drawings as decorations on the walls.
Using his newborn picture as a centerpiece on the table.
Using organic ingredients to make his cake.
Recycling and/or reusing any and all packing materials leftover from the party.

*We thought by using his own drawings and his newborn picture AND adding our own personal touches to his gifts, that this party was a true celebration of HIM and his beautiful soul.


stephanie said...

Hi, I came across your blog while browsing for unique gift wrapping ideas. Using packaging paper as gift wrap is neat idea! And very sweet with the hand-drawn pictures :-)

I've used brown kitchen paper for wrapping, and also newspapers and last year's Christmas gift wrap. For eco-friendly gift wrap, one of the neatest ideas I've seen is Furoshiki (Japanese cloth-wrapping) - the cloth can be re-used.

Anyway, thanks gain for the interesting post :-)


L.A. Mama said...

Those are great ideas Steph! I have also been saving Illy coffee cans to use a gift tins this holiday season.