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Santa Monica to Ban Declawing of Cats

My Beloved Solomon, I miss you. Go to MyCatStoppedEating.com to find out why Solomon died.

The City of Santa Monica is moving quickly to ban declawing of cats by January 1st, 2010. This practice has already been banned in West Hollywood and is on the table to be banned for the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Why the sudden urgency?: Effective January 1st, 2010, Arnold (the Governator) will be signing into law to make it illegal for cities and municipalities within California to ban medical procedures.

Click Here -> WE LOVE CATS for the news story

While we agree that declawing a cat is inhumane, we also can't deny the mistreatment that cats have to endure by certain types of individuals because of their claws is also inhumane. If an owner dumps a cat out on the street because it claws the furniture, then that cat will face dire circumstances. If an owner abuses a cat because it claws the furniture, then that is more of an inhumane living condition than the INDOOR ONLY cat being declawed. Finally, what if an owner euthanizes a cat because of "mis-use" of claws???

The San Francisco Society for Prevention and Cruelty to Animals shares our concerns as well in their statement:
"The San Francisco SPCA does not support efforts to prohibit feline onychectomy. Our mission is to save animals’ lives and we understand that, in some instances, this procedure may be the only way to prevent abandonment, relinquishment, or euthanasia. We are cognizant of the fact that, unlike The SF/SPCA, a number of animal welfare agencies do not have the resources to address behavioral problems in shelter cats and the cat-owning public, thus making euthanasia an unavoidable option. This is an outcome that we always seek to avoid."
link -> SF/SPCA Declaw Ban

Click this link -> Declawing is inhumane
Read why declawing is inhumane. Educate yourself, your family and your friends. Make sure that you (and your family and friends) are ready to become RESPONSIBLE pet owners before deciding to adopt a cat.

We are animal lovers. We don't want animals to suffer. We hope that cats won't endure a more painful existence because of this ban :(

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