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Maclaren Strollers Amputate Fingers

People mistakenly believe that if something costs more, it is better and safer.  WRONG!  Maclaren has proven to us that is a fallacy and has recalled one million strollers sold at Babies R Us and Target since 1999.  The problem?  Their strollers have a tendency to amputate the fingers of babies and toddlers.  It is nice to know that they waited 10 YEARS to announce a recall.  The recall affects the following models: Volo, Triumph, Quest Sport, Quest Mod, Techno XT, TechnoXLR, Twin Triumph, Twin Techno, and Easy Traveller.

The stroller pictured above is a Maclaren Quest Mod that sells for $245 at Target.  Maclaren has put out the statement that consumers can contact Maclaren at 877-688-2326 or visit www.maclaren.us/recall to receive a free repair kit.  If I spent $245 on a stroller, I would expect the manufacturer to refund my money or replace my stroller NOT to give me a toll free number to ask for a repair kit so my kids fingers don't get cut off.  What is wrong with them???


Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita said...

hem,..it's big recall

McMGrad89 said...

Well, that is a terrible thing. I heard it on the radio this morning. I was sad to think how many little ones had to lose a finger before they finally decided to "fess" up and make a full on recall.

Anyway, I ran across your site when I was trying to show my public school children what a homeschool classroom could look like since we read about it in a novel this week.

Very nice classroom.

Best wishes,
Mrs. Victory :-)