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Feng Shui for Kids!

Kids need Feng Shui too! I stumbled upon this great information by the Feng Shui Diva. She has so graciously provided this information for free and includes a free audiclass for parents on her site! I have included some the information here on this blog and the link to her site and FREE audio class at the end of the blog.

Robyn Bentley's Feng Shui Tips For Children's Rooms

There are no bad children, only bad behavior. Our environment affects our behavior. We know what to expect if we give our kids a lot of sugar or caffeine. They will bounce off the walls. We know what to expect if the temperature in the house is 90 degrees on a summer day. Tempers will easily flare. These are normal responses to negative stimulation that most parents know about. But what most parents don’t know is that there is negative stimulation in the home that affects their child‘s behavior, health and even their grades. This negative stimulation is invisible, however, it can easily be remedied using a combination of ancient Chinese wisdom and modern day science. Feng Shui is the 4,000 year-old Chinese practice of arranging our living space to be in harmony with the earth's energy or "chi" so we are in balance with the forces of nature. Applying the practical techniques of Feng Shui to your home will help you take advantage of the good chi and create a balanced environment. This will help your child grow and develop in a positive way and enhance family harmony.

Sleeping Direction
We spend the most amount of time in one spot every day in our bed, so the sleeping direction is very important. The goal is to align the child's bed so that the top or crown of the head is pointed towards one of their good compass directions . Sleeping in the "wisdom" direction will help your child get better grades and improve their attitude about school. The "marriage and family harmony" direction will help decrease fighting and arguing in the household and help your child sleep better. Be sure to use a compass to determine actual compass directions in your home.

Exposure to EMFs
EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are harsh energies emitted by electronic devices. They decrease the body’s production of melatonin. Melatonin helps prevent sleep problems, moodiness, anger and depression, and also helps the body fight tumors. Arrange furniture so that your child’s body is 3 to 5 feet away from TVs, computer monitors, stereos, lamps and other electronic appliances. Never use an electric blanket or waterbed heater and don’t let them stare into the microwave waiting for the popcorn! Stay 5 feet away while it‘s on.

What the Child's Eye Sees:
Look at what your child sees every day. A happy family photo visible from the child's bed is comforting to see before they fall asleep and when they awaken. It reminds them they are part of a happy family when they are alone in their room. Posters of kittens, puppies and favorite cartoon characters are non-threatening and comforting for the little ones. Get to know the meaning behind the images in your teenager's room and keep the cool "negatives" to a minimum.

Cleaning up after a small child is like shoveling the sidewalk while it's snowing. What's the point! But children do need a place to store their stuff to keep clutter under control. If a child's bedroom is also their study room, they won't be able to focus in a lot of clutter. Children should frequently clear out the space under their beds, which tends to become a catchall for trash and treasures and creates "stuck" energy. Need some help with your clutter? Check out Clutter Queen Boot Camp

Furniture Placement:
The bed should have its headboard against a solid wall. Make sure there is room to walk around each side of the bed - don't push one side up against the wall. Avoid placing the bed under a window or directly in line with the door. Standing in the doorway, if you can toss a ball straight ahead and hit the bed, energy flowing into the room will also hit the bed and this is not good for the child. Mirrors in the bedroom keep the room "awake" and make it harder to sleep.

Your child’s sleeping habits will let you know whether their room is comfortable. If you keep finding your child in bed with you, then their room is not working for them. Avoid using energizing colors like red and other bright colors in the bedroom as they can cause tempers to flare during playtime and too much hyperactive energy for the little one to fall asleep at night. Bright colors are good for playrooms but bedrooms need to be more subdued. Blues and light pinks are calming. Greens and skin tones are good.

Creating a comfortable, harmonious bedroom makes for a good night’s rest. And a good night’s rest makes for a refreshed, healthy child.

©2002RobynBentley/Feng Shui Diva, LLC

The Fu Wei direction is said to bring luck in education and personal development. It is also referred to as the "Wisdom" direction. It is suggested that school children and college students sit at their study desks facing their Fu Wei direction and sleep with the top or crown of their heads pointed in their Fu Wei direction for better grades and recognition.
To find out your child's Fu Wei/Wisdom direction, see the " Best Compass Directions " chart and Kua number chart on this web site. Once you know your child's Kua number, you can find out which direction is their wisdom direction. Be sure to use a compass when you are checking your child's current sleeping direction and study desk direction. Using east sunrise/west sunset is not an accurate way to determine compass directions.

Kua Number Fu Wei or
Wisdom Direction
1 North
2 Southwest
3 East
4 Southeast
5 Male Southwest
5 Female Northeast
6 Northwest
7 West
8 Northeast
9 South


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