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There is a wonderful place to take your kids for soul centered enrichment. It is called Cosmikids. It is located in the San Fernando Valley in the community of Tarzana. We will be previewing Cosmikids next week and will post a detailed description and review of our experience. Until then, I have decided to post some information from their website to give you an idea of what they are all about. More information can be found at www.CosmiKids.org.

From CosmiKids.org:
There's no denying that academics, athletics and extra-curricular activities are central components in a child's upbringing, but with the added dimension of self-exploration children can achieve the clarity necessary to recognize the path they were meant to follow.

Raising a centered, secure and well-grounded child simply requires a change in perspective, and that's what CosmiKids is all about.

Rather than focusing on external rewards, we encourage children to explore who they truly are in mind, body and spirit - their likes and dislikes, their greatest joys and deepest fears, how they relate to the world and the people in it. We help them learn to trust their intuition and how to tell the difference between what is real and authentic and what is unnecessary noise. With each new revelation a child's sense of confidence is strengthened, forming a solid foundation of self-esteem that will exist no matter the situation because it's pure, true and organic, not fashioned by peer pressure or socially imposed guidelines.

Each CosmiKids facility will be able to offer children a constantly revolving and expanding selection of Stations of Discovery where the different activities will take place.

Roads to Riches™
Children are asked to take a small container and fill it with "treasures" chosen from an assortment of objects that might include feathers, stones, jewels, beads, play money, anything item they find appealing. Then they are asked to give someone else a piece of their treasure and notice how it makes them feel - both to give away something significant and to receive in kind. They may also choose to draw a map of where they want to go in life. They learn that anything can be a treasure and therefore, abundance is all around them.

Vibration Station™
Everything in the universe vibrates at a different frequency, which affects each of us in a unique way. Here, children can enter tents filled with different colored lights, listen to music, play with magnets, explore different sensations of touch, sight and smell, all the while taking note of how it makes them feel. This station teaches children to be acutely aware of their physical surroundings, how they react to different energies and how that energy can change from place to place.

Costume Improv™
The irresistible Costume Improv station is dripping with feather boas, outrageous hats, glittering shawls and other items children can put on. Sometimes they will be asked to pick a topic such as tolerance or forgiveness and put on a play about it. They learn a new way to examine an emotion while reveling in the freedom to fully express themselves.

Beads of Empowerment™
Here, children can string necklaces from an array of beads and baubles - the only catch is, they assign a character trait on each bead before it is strung. By using words such as strength, confidence, truth and courage, children can craft a piece of jewelry that becomes a powerful talisman and can actually help them feel empowered. By ascribing meaning to something very simple, children have a change in perspective and realize they can affect their own reality by choosing to feel a certain way.

Minds on Mother Earth™
Human beings, trees, birds, flowers - we are all biological organisms that share a connection with Mother Earth. Using natural elements children are free to create artwork that expresses who they are. It could be a mask, a picture of their world, an abstract sculpture or simply a message to Mother Earth written on a leaf cutout. In this way they achieve a deeper appreciation for the natural world, mineral kingdom and all their gifts.

Bridge of Imagination™
This station is all about wishes, hopes and dreams. Children verbalize their wishes, write them on colorful shapes and cast them into the water below the bridge. They then choose a magic pole and fish for their wish or another. Once caught they can take that wish home or share it with a friend and imagine it coming true. This station provides a wonderful opportunity for discussion about the true meaning behind the things we want the most.

Water Thoughts™
At this station, children are asked to think kind and loving thoughts and project those thoughts into the water, making it a magic potion. After they drink it down they find that their spirits have been lifted. It's a profound lesson in the power of our own thoughts and how they directly affect our well-being.

Creative Expression™
Here, a child is given opportunities to look into themselves and learn to appreciate and share what they are and what they have within and without. The child is guided to choose two rocks and hold them close to the heart while pondering on qualities they like in themselves so that the rocks are imbued with them. Then they will paint them – one to keep and one to give away. The message is simple: Treasure what you are and share it with others.

'Course I Can!™
This station is a judgment-free environment - like all of the Stations of Discovery - in which children can examine both their negative and positive emotions and learn what to do with them. They could be asked to remember a time when they were angry then blow that anger into a colored balloon of their choosing, draw what that anger looks like on the balloon, then let it go. This is how we teach conflict resolution. We can help children tune in to their inner voice in order to find balance when life becomes challenging.

Here is a map to CosmiKids:

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