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Life in L.A.

I was upstairs in Tennessee's room and heard a man talking on the sidewalk. We played for about 15 minutes and the man was STILL talking! So I went downstairs to investigate the sidewalk situation and found a camera crew taking footage of someone on the sidewalk. There were others there...I suspect they were the producers, director and tech people. This is not uncommon. This happens all the time.

Many times roads and freeways are closed due to filming. We have seen the paparazzi on the roof of the condo two doors down. The paparazzi have been at the park where my kids play to snap photos of celb kids as well. Owen Wilson lives on our street and the Nicole Brown Simpson crime scene is less than a mile from our house...

It is like this everywhere in Los Angeles. When we lived in Burbank, I used to run and hide from Jay Leno because he frequently brought his camera crew to the mall that I used shop at often. This particular mall had a magnificent old carousel that Tennessee loved to ride on! Well, one afternoon, E.R. was filming there and I couldn't talk Tennessee out of getting on the carousel, so we are on an episode of E.R.

We lived on the beach for a while in the same condo complex that Tara Reid lived. Paris Hilton came to visit and the paparazzi were there pretending to be someone with golf clubs...they somehow snuck into the gated complex. Additionally, there is always a movie being filmed on the beach it seems...

The point is that this is what it is like to live in L.A. You get used to it and think nothing of it. It can be incredibly annoying when the huge caravan of trucks used to haul all of the equipment to film movies impedes traffic moreso than it is already impeded in L.A.

People who aren't from here slow down and gawk to see if they can spot a celebrity. Those of us who live here just drive on by...

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