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The Astrology of Parenting

This is just for fun, but a lot of this is true for me as an Aquarius, especially the information in bold.

Aquarius and Virgo

Virgo and Aquarius might not always see things the same way, but they can discuss their differences and work through them without too much trouble. When Virgo's sensitive nerves go on "overload", Aquarius can usually keep a rational conversation going, and flush out the issues that need to be dealt with. Virgo worries a lot, and begins many, many sentences with the words "What if..." Obviously, this can lead to problems when it comes to taking care of children. Virgo will have trouble trusting Aquarius when the children have to be whisked away to their next life passage. But whether it's the first dentist appointment or the first day of college, Aquarius will try to teach the child about how he or she can make the world a better place. Of the two, Virgo will be the more practical disciplinarian, though Aquarius will always set high standards for the children's behavior.

L.A. Mama says: Hmmm I need to talk to the Virgo Daddio about this trust issue when it comes to life passages. Could it have something to do with not having money for the parking garage, locking my keys in the car on a semi-regular basis and taking a list to the store but losing it before I even walk into the store? Hey, I can be absent minded at times...but I have never misplaced the kids :)

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* Remember this is just for fun! People are multi-dimensional so just judging yourself or others based upon their Sun sign isn't a great way to see the big picture. The description of my Sun sign is pretty accurate for me though...except I disagree with the part that says Aquarians have "crazy notions". Where would they get that idea??

See ya...I have to run outside and move my car to the other side of the street before I get a parking ticket!

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