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Open Wide or I will Call the Police

Tennessee and California went to the dentist today. This was California's first visit. We waited in a room with toys and books while I filled out 10,000 pages of paperwork. Their dentist is in Beverly Hills. She is a very tall, beautiful Japanese woman who wears glittery eyeliner. I like her style...she wears four inch heels and nice jeans like myself (refer to BEAUTY TIP #15 for background information). We looked like two peas in a pod except that I am only 5 feet tall and very blonde. Here is a pic I took from the window. You can see the Hollywood sign on the hill to the left of the palm tree:

So the office visit went better than I expected. Tennessee got his x-rays and then his teeth cleaned. He had no cavities but he will probably need braces some day soon.

California was very resistant to opening his mouth. He opened it up enough to get his teeth cleaned though. He was very brave.

So after two hours had passed since we pulled into the parking garage, it was time to leave. I asked the receptionist if they validated parking and the answer was no. Tennessee told me that the sign said $1.50 per hour, so I was positive that I could find that much change in my purse and if not, I would just use my ATM card. As we pull up to the gate, the sign said:

...and then the electronic readout told me that I owed $13.50! There was not that much change at the bottom of my purse. It would have been nice if that sign was posted on the other side of the gate where you come in...now we are trapped! I told the lady at the gate that I only had an ATM card.

She said: "You have no money or checks?"

Me: "No, I just have an ATM card." (I repeated politely)

(See, I operate under the assumption that it is the year 2008 and since I am a very technological person, I expect every business transaction to include credit cards)

She picks up the phone and says "I will call Police".

This concerned me, although I was quite confident in my extraordinary ability to flirt my way out of any citation and/or arrest. (I've had a little experience in this area...trust me)

Me: "What? Wait! Why are you calling the Police?

Parking Garage Lady: "You no pay, I will call Police!"

Me: "I never said that I wasn't going to pay! I just told you that all I had was an ATM card. Is there an ATM around here?"

Parking Garage Lady: "No"

Me: "There's not an ATM around here?"

Parking Garage Lady: "No"

Me: "Is there one that I can walk to?"

Parking Garage Lady: "No"

Me: "Are you sure??? There isn't one that I can walk to?"

Parking Garage Lady: "No"

She hesitates and then says "There is one on the corner"

(OMG) Me: "Which corner?" (I sigh)

"Wishire and LaCienega"

So, I pull the car over and get the kids out. We began our trek to the "corner". Remember the four inch heels I spoke about? HA. (Note to self, keep flip flops in the car for unintended hikes needed in order to prevent potential jail time)

We walk for a bit and see a restaurant. I told Tennessee, "I bet we could go in there and order some food and get cash back for parking. What do you think?" He looked at the sign:

"I am not going into any restaurant called the Stinking Rose. I am not going into any garlic restaurant!" he says. So we keep walking, and walking, and walking and finally make it there and back with the $13.50. This whole experience was too much for California to endure, so as soon as we got back into the car, he decided to kick back and relax a little:


prelude619 said...

I would of said Fk it! Call the damn police! Then I would of explained that it wasn't my intention to not pay....basically would have done everything you did but with the police there so the police would of seen it was a waste of time. I highly doubt that you would of gotten jail time for that or even a ticket. That is so petty! This just makes me mad!!! LoL

L.A. Mama said...

Wow! You would be a great attorney! I just wanted to get out of there...the munchkin needed a nap, the other one was complaining. I can't imagine what my oldest would have told the police about me...he told the dentist crazy stuff.

Hey I have some resources for your blog. I'll send it to you thru email.

prelude619 said...

Awesome. I got the income one. Good resource! (I'm not a lawyer but somehwere in that neighborhood;))