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Peek into the Social Life of a Southern California Homeschooler

The question that homeschoolers hear most often from people who aren't familiar with homeschooling is: "What About Socialization?"

There are many opportunities for socialization!! Take a peek into the social life of a Southern California homeschooler to see for yourself...

(I would include pictures of Tennessee engaging in these activities but other children would be in them. Out of respect for those children and their parents, I have chosen not to publish them...I wouldn't want someone to put pictures of my child on the internet without my permission).

On Fridays, Tennessee plays sports. We are a part of a homeschooling group which consists of over 100 homeschooling families. This group meets on Mondays and Fridays(about 15 families or so attend these gatherings regularly) at various parks within the city. They get together to play baseball, soccer, basketball, bowling and sometimes miniature golf on Fridays. These sports are taught by a homeschooling Dad who is a coach. On Mondays, the kids meet to have free time to play and socialize.

We drive a few miles into Los Angeles and meet with another homeschooling group. This group is compiled of almost 500 homeschooling families! Many of these families gather together to take part in a variety of activities such as:

Shakespeare Class: The kids work on a Shakespearian play each week and then present it on stage at the end of the school year. Tennessee was enrolled in this class three years ago, when he was 5. He was cast as Puck in "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Chess Class: Taught by homeschool parents. The kids learn how to play chess and to apply essential critical thinking skills. Tennessee takes part in this activity. He won the "best sportsmanship" award last year.

Sign Language Class: Taught by a homeschool Mama

French Class: Taught by a native French speaker and a homeschool Mama

Spanish Class: Taught by a native Spanish speaker and a homeschool Mama

Book Club: Organized and led by a homeschool Mama

Snow Fairies Club: A group organized and led by a homeschool Mama that incorporates arts & crafts, dress up and pretend play for younger girls (5 - 10). Boys are welcome to take part in the fun (if they can get over the name of the club).

Classes taught by ME! I will be teaching Yoga, Reiki and Meditation classes as soon as California is well and I can get someone to keep and eye on him while he plays.

Both of these groups organize field trips as well. The next one is a trip to the California Pizza Kitchen to learn how to make pizza and then they get to make one for themselves! There have been field trips to Native American reservations where the children learn about Native American life and crafts, museums, fire stations, Seaworld...

In addition to these activities, Tennessee has taken swimming class and clay class with the local parks and recreation department. There is a WIDE variety of classes to choose from each year within the parks and recreation department. Click HERE to see the classes offered in the Santa Monica recreation and leisure guide.

He also talks on the phone to his cousins and friends, does webcam and instant messaging with friends on a daily basis. Yesterday, he instant messaged with a friend in Nashville, TN about Science related topics.

There ya have it...

Do you homeschool? Leave me a comment about your child's social life!


bird said...

I don't homeschool, my daughter is too young, but I was homeschooled. One day I'm going to write all about it, but right now I'll just say that homeschooled preserved such precious parts of me that I'm positive would have been lost in the jumble and mediocrity of public school. I'm so grateful to my mom for homeschooling me, and for my dad for supporting her (and making me read really hard books).

Also, I enjoy your blog.

L.A. Mama said...

I hope to preserve my boys' inner curiosity, wonderment and love of learning and to also make sure that their true selves stay intact. Thanks so much for your comment. It is much appreciated and I can't wait to read your book!