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When it Rains, it Pours; A Call for Compassion

As noted in the "Who Are We Anyway" section, L.A. Mama is from Missouri. This is a picture of how the neighborhood that she grew up in looks today:

I've heard a lot of talk in this country about how people living in flood zones and/or wildfire areas are partially responsible for their fate. Do you think your fellow Americans enjoy watching everything they have worked hard for and their family heirlooms go down the drain? There were two major reasons why we lived in this neighborhood:

1. We couldn't afford to live anywhere else. The neighborhoods that were safe from flooding were where the doctors and lawyers lived. Everyone else had to fend for themselves and take risks.
2. My grandmother and great grandmother lived three blocks from me. It was important to our family to be close knit and my mother was a single mother, so living close to my grandmother was essential.

This picture shows the area where my Aunt used to live and where my best friend from high school currently lives with her husband and brand new daughter.

This picture shows the area where the small chapel cemetary is located in which my stepfather is buried:

So, I would like to send a message to all of those people sitting safe and secure in front of their television sets to have a little compassion and to remember that not everyone has it as well as you. Try to put yourself in other people's shoes and have a little empathy. Some day you or someone you care about may be in a similiar situation!

Click HERE to see a USA Today news story and examples of the hurtful, mean - spirited comments people make when other people face disasters. Comments like these are all over the internet and on T.V. This happened when we were dealing with wildfires out here in Southern California in October as well. I was personally offended then and I am personally offended now. I have friends and relatives that live in these flooded areas.

Have a heart people!

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