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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem means "Seize the Day" in Latin and that is what we did on Sunday! Instead of waiting for the most convenient time or the best part of the day, we packed up the car with beach toys, beach towels, sunscreen, water and kids and headed two miles west to the beach!

California found a pet rock to keep him company! It was hard to part with him when we had to go home :(

It was unusally warm in Los Angeles/Santa Monica. The thermometer in the car read 93 degrees on the way there and 91 degrees at the beach! It is usually quite breezy down by the ocean but there wasn't a breeze to be had on Sunday. You can see the effect of the heat on Tennessee's face. RED HOT!

This is what we enjoyed on a hot Sunday afternoon right at naptime for California. We figured since we only lived two miles away, we could zip home in an instant!

It was 91 degrees on the beach but the sand was hotter...approximately 182 degrees by my estimation. In the midst of seizing the day, Tennessee forgot his flip flops. So a dip in the ocean was a must.

California decided it was time for his nap and was very unhappy about the heat, so we went home after being there for about 45 minutes. As we left, a surfer,in a brand new luxury SUV, asked if we would give him our $7.00 parking pass so he could park for free. How tacky is that??!! It would never cross my mind in a million years to ask a stranger, much less a friend, for a parking pass that I have the responsibility to pay for!

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