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Our Beautiful Backyard

It was 83 today, so we decided to play in the backyard. We live in a condo and our backyard is HUGE. We walked two miles to get there. You may have heard of it; it is called the Pacific Ocean :) We stopped at the Coffee Bean on the way to take a break. L.A. Mama got a Mocha Latte and Tennessee & California got a cookie to keep their blood sugar levels high enough to make it to the beach. Then we stopped at the Third Street Promenade to go to Barnes and Noble to get some books and magazines. We finally made it there and found the most beautiful tree.

Look closely! That is the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Here is a better picture of our beautiful backyard.

California passed out on the way back home.

...and then we got a mid day snack at Earth Wind & Flour before coming home to slather aloe vera on our faces!

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Anonymous said...

...And I lost will to walk on the way home.

P.S. This is Tennessee speaking! :)