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Los Angeles Wildfires 2008

This is a pic of the wildfires just a smidgen North of Los Angeles that have burned 3,200 acres so far. One of L.A. Mama's best friends, who is also the boys babysitter lives in this area (Sunland). We are watching this fire closely and keeping her and all of her neighbors in our thoughts.

The 210 is shut down in both directions between the 118 and the 5. The eastbound 118 is closed at Glenoaks Boulevard. The 3,200-acre blaze has forced 1,200 residents to evacuate. Go to the sidebar at the right for up to the minute feed of Los Angeles Wildfires 2008.

Update at 2:28pm 10/13/08: The Sunland fire has spread to 3,700 acres and there is a now a second fire that has burned 2,000 acres in Porter Ranch. Air quality is poor in the San Fernando Valley. Please stay indoors, but especially keep your children indoors. Their lungs are small and vulnerable.

Click HERE for school closures, mandatory evacuations and road closures.

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