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Pumpkin Picking in Southern California

We went pumpkin picking at Underwood Family Farms today. It is located at 3370 Sunset Valley Road Moorpark,CA 93021
(805) 529-3690. They are smack dab in the middle of their 11th Annual Harvest Festival. If you live in the Los Angeles area, this is worth the drive as you can see below.

When we arrived at Underwood Family Farms, we were greeted with friendly faces and good old fashioned common courtesy. Underwood Family Farms is totally sustainable and uses no pesticides on their produce. They supply produce to 12 farmer's markets in the L.A. area.

Kids love searching for that perfect pumpkin! Here is a pic of Tennessee and California happily wondering through a real pumpkin patch(unlike the one's you see up on every corner in urban L.A.).

Posing with Mama.

Posing with Daddio.

Here is a sunflower forest!

This is the wagon we rode in to tour the farm. The horses names were Mark and Spencer. We think Mark is part donkey. He didn't pull his weight and Spencer had to do most of the work. During the tour, we saw fields on lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, corn and thickets of nectarine, avocado and apricot trees. We saw the fields being primed to plant strawberries for harvest next Spring. We also saw the most darling baby crows.

There were several vendors there. We found a man who made wooden toys with the utmost attention to detail. California loves wooden toys and immediately fell in love with the wooden train below. We also bought a wooden caterpillar that holds a package of 24 crayons. This man was also kind enough to supply the crayons! These toys are true treasures!

We stopped by the market at the farm on the way out and bought farm fresh corn! I immediately cooked the corn and served it to the family. Tennessee said "It is so cool to eat corn that wasn't bought at the store...and it tastes so much better!"

Here is a pic of our bag of goodies! We also brought home three large pumpkins that are outside. We will be making something yummy soon with the sugar pie pumpkins. Stay tuned and Happy Harvest to you all!

Go HERE to find a Southern California pumpkin patch near you!

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