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Growing Pumpkins, Squash & Beans

The boys wanted to grow an autumn harvest, so we chose mini pumpkins, squash and yellow bush beans. We are especially excited about growing pumpkins. It is a little late to start growing them, but since we live in sunny Southern California, we thought that we would take a chance. The pumpkin seeds that we bought (Botanical Gardens: Jack Be Little) take 95 days to harvest, so we will be probably be picking them in November. We are hoping that they grow faster than normal so that they are ready to pick near Halloween. For those of you who have gotten a late start like us, we found pumpkins seeds by Renee's Garden called "Baby Mini Jack" that has a harvest time of 85 days.

When planting pumpkins or any type of gourd, it is necessary to make little mounds or hills to plant the seeds in as shown above. We did also did this for the squash.

The pumpkin and squash seeds are to be planted 1 inch below the dirt. Six seeds can be placed in each hill as shown above.

Water thoroughly and regularly(as shown above).

Make sure to mark each container or area. We chose to put the seed packet with the picture inside each container.

Click here to view these seeds seven days after planting.

Here are some links to our favorite seeds. Click on the name to go to their websites.

Bontanical Interests
Renee's Garden
Seeds of Change

...and this is our FAVORITE gardening book. It is so inspirational!
Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together with Children

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