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Using Wii to Meditate

As a meditation teacher, I am always looking for new ways to teach the concepts of mindfulness and stillness. I have discovered that the Lotus Focus activity that is included with Wii Fit does an excellent job of teaching two essential skills of meditation: focused thoughts and stillness of body.

Tennessee likes to do the Lotus Focus to make his mind and body relaxed and still before bedtime. The goal of Lotus Focus is to ensure that the flame of the candle does not flicker. (see photo below)

Wii Fit Lotus Focus gives suggestions as a guide to better focused thoughts and energy. For instance, as shown in the photo below, Lotus Focus explains that "a lack of focus will cause the fire to shake. Try to keep your body still." Keeping your body still isn't as easy as it sounds. It requires a focused mind and focused breathing.

If you want to teach your children (or yourself) how to meditate, I highly recommend Lotus Focus.

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