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Save Topanga State Park

As mentioned in our previous blog post titled SUMMER ISN'T OVER YET (Click HERE to read it), we have been busy living it up throughout Southern California this summer. Our adventures have continued on as we stumbled upon Topanga State Park this past weekend. We were greeted by a very warm park ranger, with long braids and an infectious smile. She was such a beautiful soul that I wanted to snap her picture, but didn't out respect for her privacy.

As we entered the parking lot, we were dismayed to see a sign that read "Save Topanga State Park". To learn more about why Topanga State Park and at least a hundred other California state parks will be closed soon...
Click here to send a letter to Arnold>>>>ENVIRONMENT CALIFORNIA

Read on to find out what a truly spectacular place Topanga State Park is and why it should stay open to the public.

Just look at these trails! We want to go on the hike to Mulholland Drive someday, but we won't be able to if this state park closes.

Upon entering the main trail at Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park, we saw a deer. Then another deer, then another, then another. We counted FOUR deer that were traveling together.

They ended up crossing the trail right in front of us as shown below. We maintained our distance and stayed very quiet. They didn't seem to be afaid of humans because there were hikers coming back down the trail the opposite way. It was almost as if the deer came down to say hello.

We were able to get close enough to all of them and take this picture of one sweet deer looking straight at us. So beautiful, so innocent and pure. They boys were amazed by their beauty. This is something they will never see again if this park and hundreds more close in California.

The trees are old and magestic. They speak of days gone by. They tell the story of how the moutains meet the sea. They provide oxygen for all of us to breathe. Save Topanga State Park and save these trees.

This pic below is a view from the top of one of the mountains in Topganga State Park. On a clear day, the ocean can be seen between these moutains. On the side of the mountain to the left is Pacific Palisades.

Deer tracks

All of this might be gone forever. Save Topanga State Park.

Click here to send a letter to Arnold>>>>ENVIRONMENT CALIFORNIA

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