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Easter: Southern California Style

Tennessee and California awoke to a living room filled with pastel balloons, some caramel filled chocolate eggs, jelly beans and the promise of a new day! L.A. Mama slept in just a little until the sound of the security alarm roused her from her slumber. Just so you all know...the sound of a popping balloon WILL trigger the "glass break" alarm to go off and your security company WILL call you within 30 seconds.

While California took a nap, L.A. Mama went out to buy a blueberry bush, raspberry bush, a Merlot grapevine, three tomato plants, six cucumber plants, one jalapeno pepper plant, lots of potting soil and some containers. Tomorrow we will work on planting all of these yummy goodies and some sunflowers seeds (check back for blogs on this!!).

After California woke up, we all headed to the beach. Tennesse and I thought it would be fun to bring bowls, spoons, measuring cups and other everyday items to play in the sand. We also brought some store bought sand toys. And EGGS:

California immediately took to the task of filling each egg with sand and burying them:

Tennessee got buried (as usual)and did some sommersaults:

California played and Tennessee chilled in the sun:

L.A. Mama got a little sun and a lot of happiness, then we all went home and ordered pizza!


prelude619 said...

Ain't California great???? And there is a picture missing.....WHY????? ok now we need a bikini shot! LoL (just kidding)

L.A. Mama said...

I stopped liking that picture of me, so I took it off :)