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How to be a California Beauty (Part 2)

I left off at # 16 on How to be a California Beauty, so I will start at #17. If you did not read "How to be a California Beauty (Part 1) or need a refresher course; click HERE.

#17 Don't be Shallow. It is unattractive to care more about what kind of car someone drives than what is actually in their heart. Don't judge people based on outward appearances, listen to your soul instead. This is how to be truly beautiful from the inside out. By the way, it isn't cool to be like Paris Hilton.

#18 Expect the Unexpected. Life isn't always going to work out the way you plan and when you least expect it; the unexpected will happen. If you already expect the unexpected then you won't be so surprised :)

#19 Don't be ashamed to want to change things about your appearance. It is perfectly normal to want to look as young as you feel, to want to be in shape and/or you want to sculpt your body. It isn't shallow to want to look and feel great. I had braces when I was 12 to make my teeth straight, there is not difference between this and straightening your nose or working out to build muscle tone. So, get a tummy tuck or work on those muscles...BE BEAUTIFUL!

#20 Support a cause outside of yourself. Become involved in something that you care passionately about that will help make the world a better place.
Some examples of the causes we support are:

Doctors Without Borders
American Society of the Prevention of Cruely to Animals
World Wildlife Fund
Free Rice
California League of Conservation Voters
Center for Food Safety: The True Food Network

We give money and food (when we have a little extra) to the homeless in Los Angeles and we educate others about poverty, homelessness and violence prevention.

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